Provide leadership within the private and public sectors to ensure that investments and improvements are made in the physical infrastructure, amenities, policies, and regulations required to create, retain, grow, and attract the companies and the skilled workforce essential to Clark County's long-term economic vitality. 


Clark County Employment Land Study

This study is a result of the CREDC’s Lands for Jobs Committees’ work over the past five years, leading to a recommendation to move forward with a robust update and enhancement of our previous work. The study, scheduled to be completed (Phases 1 and 2) in October of this year, will serve as a guiding document on Economic Development site availability over the next three to five years. It will identify the significant areas readily available for development as well as those sites that are constrained from meeting market demand and timelines. The inclusive process will help prioritize sites that need additional tools for development and offer recommendations for possible ways to address barriers. The study will also serve as a resource document for policy recommendations and will help set the ongoing work plans for Clark County Lands for Jobs stakeholders.

                                                             -   Employment Lands Study 2016   -

Phase 1 (March 2016)

October 5, 2016: Phase 2 Status Update

August 3, 2016: Phase 1B Status Update

July 18, 2016: Phase 1B Status Update

June 10, 2016: Phase 1B Status Update

May 4, 2016: Phase 1A Status Update

April 4, 2016: Phase 1A Status Update

March 17, 2016: Phase 1A Status Update

March 2, 2016: Phase 1A Status Update


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