CREDC is a private-public partnership of over 140 investors and strategic partners working together to advance the economic vitality of Clark County through business relocation, growth, and innovation. Serving as your first point of contact to leverage over 30 years of community connections and 80+ local and state resources.

CREDC drives strategic initiatives that strengthen the global competitiveness of Clark County's target industries and maintains a supportive business environment through advocacy. 


Initiative 1 : Business Growth

Mackenzie's space has received 4 Green Global Sustainable Interiors certification

Mackenzie's space has received 4 Green Global Sustainable Interiors certification

In collaboration with businesses and community partners, create a region with a vibrant business climate that retains and grows high-value companies balanced with an improvement of quality of life and environment. 


Initiative 2 : Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Play a lead role in developing a culture and ecosystem of entrepreneurship that builds and supports new ideas for business innovation.


Initiative 3 : Domestic & International Business

Identify & recruit high quality companies and domestic foreign investment capital resource needed to bolster, enhance, and increase our business mix in the Clark County region. 

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Provide leadership within the private and public sectors to ensure that investments and improvements are made in the physical infrastructure, amenities, policies, and regulations required to create, retain, grow, and attract the companies and the skilled workforce essential to Clark County's long-term economic vitality. 


Initiative 5 : Education 

Partner with the education, workforce, and business communities to develop a K-16 system that fully equips our students to fuel Clark County's knowledge economy. 




Learn more about the CREDC by
viewing our Annual Report & the Clark County Economic Development Plan (Currently being updated to be completed mid year 2017)

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