Serving Clark County since 1982, the Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC) is a nonprofit public-private partnership of over 150 investors and strategic partners working together to advance the economic vitality of the community through business growth and innovation. 

2017 Clark County Comprehensive Economic Development Plan

In August 2017, the CREDC Board of Directors adopted the organization's new strategic economic development plan that will guide the scope of our work moving forward for the next five years.  The goals and vision of the plan are highlighted below.

Our VISION is for Clark County to be recognized as one of the most inclusive, healthy, and amenity-rich communities in the country. As a result, and with a continued focus on growing a diverse base of community-minded employers, talent (both inside and outside the region) sees greater opportunity here than anywhere else in the country.

Executive Summary


Goal 1 : Expand the Existing Base

Mackenzie's space has received 4 Green Global Sustainable Interiors certification

Mackenzie's space has received 4 Green Global Sustainable Interiors certification

The most efficient way to grow the economic base is to support the existing companies by understanding their barriers to growth and supply chain needs. Staff and partners can then work to remove barriers and tactically recruit companies that support the existing industry base that is grounded in the following industry clusters. 
     -Computer and Electronics
     -Clean Tech
     -Metals and Machinery
     -Life Sciences

Objective 1.1 - Become Industry Experts
Objective 1.2 - Strategically Market Industry Clusters
Objective 1.3 - Build a Startup Ecosystem

Goal 2 : Support People  


To plan for a modern economy, communities must consciously foster a resilient economy that is derived from a diverse industry base and skilled workforce to weather inevitable negative portions of economic cycles.  

Objective 2.1 - Foster Skills Development
Objective 2.2 - Prepare Youth for Economic Opportunity
Objective 2.3 - Launch a Brain Gain Initiative
Objective 2.4 - Promote an Ethical and Socially Just Society through an Intentional Commitment to Inclusion, Equity and Diversity


Goal 3 : Create Place



It is important for each community in Clark County to define and actively grow distinct places unique to their values. 

Objective 3.1 - Each Community Creates a Placemaking Strategy
Objective 3.2 - Embrace Economic Opportunity in our Urban Center
Objective 3.3 - CREDC Tells the Story of Place
Objective 3.4 - Make Employment Areas Desired by Industry Cluster Shovel Ready
Objective 3.5 - Determine all Transportation Needs on a Regional Level Specifically to Support Economic Development  




The Plan engages partners across the county from numerous organizations to grow the economy and foster equity. It takes everyone to achieve the vision; some ideas are listed below.

Businesses: Join companies already leading the way to expand internship offerings and other career connected learning opportunities for students in partnership with local school districts. Build your future workforce and help students gain the critical skills they need to thrive.

Cities: Discover and embrace your unique qualities. Encourage new development of brew pubs, coffee shops, transit, bike lanes and housing to attract new talent to the area. 

Entrepreneurs: Help build the startup ecosystem as a mentor and "connector" to welcome and support growing companies within Clark County through targeted events. 

Residents: Become an "ambassador" for Clark County. Find out why Clark County is a great place for business through the Community Performance Indicator with fast facts and messages to share. 


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